R & D Capability
Mastars is people-oriented and based on design technology, providing customers with product design services. The company's design team has 35 people with 10-20 years of design experience. After 20 years of precipitation of more than 20 patents, the design can quickly give the product design scheme to customers after fully understanding the customer's intentions; The design team can communicate with customers directly and effectively, so that the customer's concept can be quickly realized. TREND Customer 2013's new sliding door lock can be finished design sample within one month.


Tooling Capability
MASTARS has German HERMLE C22 C42 C62 5-axis machining center, AGIE spark machine Sodick spark machine, Okuma, Fanuc and other compact machining equipment, with a total of 83 sets, which can process car parts at constant temperature and humidity, with a machining accuracy of 0.002 mm and a T1 pass rate of 90%.


Tooling Capability


Injection Capability
One-stop solution from prototype to mass production 
  • 5 Major production bases, 4 representative offices around the world; 
  • 35+ engineering design teams, 10+ project management teams; 
  • 80+ Injection molding machines(50t~1000t), 
  • 10+ 200~600T die-casting machines, 
  • 100+3/5Axis CNC machines, 
  • It provides the whole process technology from engineering prototype to mass production and assembly, and flexibly meets single-piece, small and medium batch and mass production.


Mass Production
A manufacturer with 25 years of experience.
With 25 years of experience in OEM manufacturing of plastic parts and metal parts, serving more than 800+ customers worldwide, 100M+ customized parts made, the application areas cover automobiles, medical health, professional audio and lighting, outdoor sports equipment, new energy, electronic products, automation, agricultural machinery, etc.


Quality Cotrol
High efficiency/high accuracy/high punctuality operation and project management
  • The precision of the mold is high precision to 0.002mm; 
  • Injection molding parts can be tolerance as 0.02mm
  • 5Axis CNC machined parts tolerance less than 0.01mm;
  • IPD concept applied when project/product develop (NPI);
  • ESI/DFM/PFMEA to identify the potential risk before kickoff to save time and cost
  • T1 sampling have to be qualified to shorten the tooling lead time and make sure do the right things first time.


Fast Delivery, Security, Strong Technology, Full Service
Delivery Strength 100 sets of precision mold monthly output, 7 days mold manufacturing 14 years high-precision mold r & D experience, with 15,000 m2 production base, 134 sets of production equipment, monthly output of 50 sets of precision mold, 48 hours hand plate, 7 days mold manufacturing, injection molding within 24 hours, 24 hours output.
Our Core Competence
ISO90001 certification, T1 pass rate over 90% strict implementation of ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO13485 medical certification, with German 3D scanner, Swedish three-dimensional measuring instrument and other imported testing equipment, mold accuracy of ± 0.002 mm, kingdee ERP system control production process, processing, measurement, assembly are in the constant temperature workshop, to ensure mold accuracy, T1 pass rate of more than 90% .
Technical team 20 years experience in mold design, 20 national patent certificate of special design team of 20 years of industry experience, have a PMP certificate, certificate of high-level personnel, get 20 national patent certificate, master EDM technology, VDI standard surface, C axis machining, CNC machining, such as production technology, according to customer needs, Provide OEM/ODM customization service, 24h to produce mold scheme, 48h to produce 3D drawing, 7 days to produce sample.
Service System 24 hours on-line service, reporting actual progress twice a week pre-sale: according to different applications to provide selection and DFM technical advice; sales: control mold production progress and quality through MAS system, 2 times a week to report the actual progress of active processing; after-sales: in the life of the mold, free maintenance, free maintenance services, free to provide vulnerable parts. Quick reaction mechanism: 24h within the province, 72h outside the province to arrive at the scene
How To Make A High Quality Products?
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