Plastic Injection Molding Solutions​​​​​​​

Even the most intricate designs become reality with Haofeng state-of-the-art Injection Molding services.
Our Plastic Injection Molding Serves
Bring your vision to life with top-tier plastic injection
molding. We deliver custom prototypes and production
parts with unmatched quality, superior finishes,
and exceptional dimensional accuracy – all
at competitive prices.

Reasons to Select Us for Plastic Injection Molding Service
We offer a comprehensive suite of injection molding solutions, from material verification and expert tool design to rapid prototyping, high-volume production, meticulous finishing, and rigorous quality assurance. Our team of dedicated specialists is here to provide professional technical support throughout the entire process. With our commitment to precise prototypes and production parts, HaoFeng empowers you to achieve your manufacturing goals efficiently and effectively.
  • 1
    No Minimum Order Quantity
    you can bring your project to life quickly and affordably. We support on-demand manufacturing with lower injection molding costs, giving you the flexibility to order exactly what you need, when you need it
  • 2
    Optimized Efficiency
    Streamlined Production for Faster Results: Our network of certified domestic factories and robust supply chain system minimizes delays and gets your injection molded parts into production quickly. This translates to a shorter product development cycle, bringing your vision to reality faste.
  • 3
    Precision and Superior Quality
    HaoFengs injection molding process incorporates design expertise to optimize manufacturability and achieve stunning aesthetics. We can deliver high-quality plastic parts in various sizes and complexities, all meeting tight tolerance requirements thanks to our adherence to ISO 2768 standards
  • 4
    Experts in Injection Molding
    Our team of injection molding experts, with over 10 years of experience, ensures a smooth and efficient journey from prototype to full-scale production.

Our Processes for Injection Molding

HaoFeng's injection molding process involves meticulous design analysis and expert mold manufacturing. Create custom plastic parts with our carefully designed and engineered injection molds. We will review T1 samples with you before starting small batch production. Each production step ends with strict inspection and quality control to ensure your parts meet international standards.
Get a Quote Within One Day, Easy Operation
Get Your Instant Injection Molding Quote! Upload your design files to our user-friendly platform and receive a quote within 24 hours. Plus, easily manage your orders every step of the way, from quote to delivery – all at your fingertips.
  • Bulk Pricing
    Compare pricing for different specs, quantities, materials, and finishes. It's easy to find the perfect fit for your budget and needs. Request a free quote today
  • Tracking Orders in Real Time
    Our online platform provides complete transparency into your injection molding process. Monitor production flow as it happens, allowing for faster response times and improved efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Order Management​
    Enjoy the convenience of a single platform for managing all your injection molding orders. Plus, gain valuable insights with real-time visibility into every aspect of the manufacturing process, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your production experience.
Injection Molding from Prototype to Mass Production
  • Rapid Tooling
    Our high-quality prototype tooling allows for quick design feedback and validation. Get small batches of injection-molded parts rapidly, empowering you to perform functional testing and gauge market interest before full production.

  • Production Tooling
    Our production molds, built with premium tool steel, ensure exceptional durability and longevity for high-volume production runs. We understand your needs are unique, and we can customize materials and construction methods to perfectly match your project requirements.

  • Just-In-Time Manufacturing
    Injection Molding services deliver high throughput coupled with exceptional precision, making it an excellent technology for end-use parts across various applications.
Materials Used in Plastic Injection Molding
Our extensive selection of over 50 thermoplastics and thermosetting resins caters to a wide range of applications across diverse industries. Explore the possibilities and find the ideal plastic material to bring your parts to life.
  • Tooling Materials
    Before high-volume or even low-volume injection molding commences, high-tolerance tooling is essential. This tooling is typically crafted using CNC machining, ensuring exceptional precision and accuracy. Most commonly used materials include:
    Tool Steel: P20, H13, S7, NAK80, S136, S136H, 718, 718H, 738
    Stainless Steel:
    420, NAK80, S136, 316L, 316, 301, 303, 304
    Aluminum: 6061, 5052, 7075

  • Plastic Materials
    Plastic injection molding service comes with a wide range of materials with different properties, including impact strength, rigidity, thermal resistance, chemical resistance, etc.
  • Additives & fibers
    Standard plastics can't keep up with your unique needs? Injection molding offers a solution. Enhance your parts with additives and fibers for improved aesthetics and performance.
We Serve Virtually Every Industry
From auto parts to medical devices, HaoFeng's injection molding tackles challenges across diverse industries.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1.What’s the process for injection mold making?
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    1.Project Planning & DFM Analysis: We collaborate to understand your needs, then provide a free, detailed Design for Manufacturability (DFM) report to assess feasibility and optimize your mold design.

    2.Mold Production with Progress Tracking: Once confirmed, we build your mold and offer a real-time Tooling Schedule so you can track progress at any stage.

    3.Sample Approval & Mass Production: We create a free sample for your testing and approval. Upon confirmation, we seamlessly transition to mass production.

    4.Quality Inspection & Delivery: We perform rigorous quality checks before final delivery. Your mold is then cleaned and stored for future use.

  • 2. What are the typical tolerances for injection molded parts?
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    Tolerance is critical to successful assembly. To ensure perfect fits, HaoFeng utilizes the ISO 2068-c standard for injection molding tolerances. Of course, if your project demands even tighter tolerances, we're happy to accommodate those needs as well.
  • 3. What is the minimum order qty?
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    Order the quantity you need and enjoy competitive pricing for larger orders
  • 4.How long does it take to make molded parts?
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    Expect your mold to be designed and manufactured within 35 days.
    Once the mold is complete, parts production typically takes an additional 3-5 days.

  • 5. How much does your injection molding service cost?
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    We factor in the size and complexity of your component, the number of cavities needed in the mold, the chosen plastic material, and any post-processing requirements to ensure an accurate quote.
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