Unlock Complex Designs with Our Aluminum Extrusion Services 
Even the most intricate designs become reality with Haofeng state-of-the-art Aluminum Extrusion services .
Extrusion Services for Aluminum
Access high-quality aluminum extrusion services online, for both aluminum extruded prototypes and production parts. Perfect for industries needing precision and reliability.

Versatility and Advantages of Aluminum Extrusion
Aluminum extrusion is a versatile manufacturing process that shapes molten aluminum alloy into a consistent profile using a metal die. A powerful hydraulic press forces the heated aluminum billet through the die, creating a long, continuous form called an extrusion.
Extrusions are prized for their strength-to-weight ratio and excellent thermal conductivity. These properties make them ideal for diverse applications, including frames, enclosures, and heat sinks. Additionally, aluminum extrusion offers cost-effectiveness for both high-volume and low-volume production runs
Reasons to Select HaoFeng for Custom Aluminum Extrusion

Turn your aluminum extrusion ideas into reality with HaoFeng’s advanced manufacturing solutions. We utilize innovative techniques to create custom aluminum profiles that meet the highest quality standards.
  • 1
    Get instant quotes and place orders online
    Upload your design files directly to our online quoting platform. We'll analyze your parts and provide instant, competitive pricing to keep your product cost-effective.

  • 2
    We start by getting to know your exact needs. Our in-depth analysis ensures your custom aluminum profiles are precisely crafted using a blend of extrusion and other techniques.

  • 3
    Top quality
    HaoFeng delivers aluminum parts you can rely on. Our ISO 9001 certification and advanced technologies guarantee precise dimensions, lasting durability, and consistent performance for your projects.

  • 4
    Rapid Completion
    Get your aluminum parts faster than ever before! HaoFeng cuts lead times in half and delivers instant quotes. We combine cutting-edge technology with expertise to bring you top-quality extrusions in record time.

Profiles of Standard Extrusions
Get started with your project right away! HaoFeng offers a wide variety of standard and custom aluminum extrusions, including popular T-Slot profiles. Our expert technicians can help you choose the perfect size and shape for your needs, from classic circular and square bars and tubes to more specialized options. Let's bring your vision to life!
                            >T-Slot Aluminum Extrusions                                                    > U-Channels
                            > Aluminum Angles                                                                  > Hat Channels
                            > T-Bars, H-Bars, Z-Bars                                                          > Rectangular Tubes
Extrusion Profiles in Standard Sizes
Build anything you can imagine with HaoFeng's extensive selection of aluminum extrusions! We offer a wide variety of standard profiles, including popular T-Slot options, in various sizes and shapes. From classic circular and square bars to specialized T-Slot extrusions, our expert technicians are here to help you find the perfect fit for your project.
Please note: While this selection showcases common T-slot profiles used for framing and various applications, specific industries like windows, doors, and structural projects may require different standard sizes. We offer a wide range of options and can customize profiles to meet your unique needs. Don't hesitate to inquire about tailored solutions
Aluminum Extrusion Profiles Tailored to Your Needs
HaoFeng delivers precision-cut profiles in any length, perfect for prototypes and small batches. Get your project started quickly without sacrificing accuracy
Aluminum Channels
We craft custom aluminum channels, combining cutting-edge extrusion techniques with meticulous engineering.
Extruded Aluminum
We breathe life into aluminum, creating robust, custom profiles that excel across various industries and deliver peak performance.
Aluminum decorative parts
More than just beautiful, our aluminum trims are built to last. They seamlessly blend stunning visuals with unmatched functionality, adding the perfect finishing touch to any project.

Aluminum Alloys for Extrusion
HaoFeng caters to a wide range of industries, from electronics and consumer goods to aerospace and automotive, by leveraging a variety of high-performance aluminum grades.
Alloy 6061

6061 aluminum: welds well, stays tough, fights rust. Perfect for cars, boats, and electronics.
Alloy 6063

Strong, affordable, heat-treated: 6063 aluminum. Great for heat sinks, trims, and building projects. Fine grain, beautiful finishes.
Alloy 7075

Strong, affordable, heat-treated: 6063 aluminum. Great for heat sinks, trims, and building projects. Fine grain, beautiful finishes.

Alloy 1100

Purest aluminum: 1100. Easy to work with, fights rust, conducts heat. Great for cookware and chemical equipment.
Alloy 2024
2024 Aluminum: Light, 
strong, resists fatigue 
(but weldability is limited). 
Great for aerospace 
(heat treatment for extra 
Post-Production Machining of Aluminum Profiles
       > Cutting                 > Grinding
       > Drilling                 > Boring
       > Milling                  > Tapping
       > Turning                > Deburring
Applications of Aluminum Extrusions
We specialize in manufacturing high-quality aluminum extrusions for a broad spectrum of applications across various industries.
>Heat sinks for electronics       
>Enclosures forelectronics
>LED lighting profiles               
>Aircraft structural 
>Home appliances                  
>Automotive components         
>Bicycle frames                      
>Window and door frames        
>Solar panel fra                       
>Conveyor structures                                                    
Process of Aluminum Extrusion
Leveraging cutting-edge technology and equipment, we empower our clients to achieve faster product development and reduced costs. By delivering prototypes and end-use parts with unmatched speed and precision, we streamline your journey to success. Here's how we achieve this through our aluminum extrusion processes:
Direct Extrusion
Direct extrusion is our preferred method for creating intricate profiles and achieving exceptional surface quality. During this process, a heated billet of aluminum is forced through a precisely designed die using a powerful hydraulic ram. This high-pressure approach allows us to produce extrusions with complex geometries and tight tolerances.
Indirect Extrusion
For applications demanding exceptional strength and structural integrity, we offer indirect extrusion. In this innovative process, the aluminum billet moves in unison with the container, while the die remains stationary. This approach minimizes friction and allows for precise heat control resulting in enhanced grain structure and optimized mechanical properties.
Hot, Warm, Cold Extrusion
We cater to your project's specific needs by offering a range of extrusion temperatures: hot, warm, and cold. Each approach harnesses the unique properties of aluminum at different temperature states.By understanding the impact of temperature on aluminum's behavior, we can tailor our extrusion process to deliver components that perfectly match your performance requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1.. Can I order custom aluminum extrusion profiles?
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    HaoFeng empowers you to create unique aluminum extrusions tailored to your exact specifications. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing technology guarantees top-notch quality, while their user-friendly platform makes the process effortless. Simply upload your design and receive an instant quote – all with complete price transparency. HaoFeng delivers exceptional speed, industry expertise, and a commitment to excellence, making them the perfect partner for your custom aluminum extrusion needs.
  • 2.What affects the cost of aluminum extrusion?
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    While several factors can influence the final price of your aluminum extrusions, such as labor, tooling, finishing, volume, and post-production needs, we're committed to delivering the most cost-effective solution for your project.
  • 3.What are the common advantages of using aluminum extrusion?
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    Aluminum extrusions excel in demanding applications due to their inherent rigidity and strength. This exceptional durability makes them the ideal choice for projects requiring high performance. But their advantages go beyond strength. Aluminum readily accepts a wide variety of finishes, allowing you to tailor the aesthetics of your components to perfectly match your design vision. Most importantly, aluminum extrusions deliver unmatched dimensional accuracy, ensuring your parts consistently meet even the tightest tolerances.
  • 4.How are the properties of aluminum changed during the extrusion process?
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    Aluminum extrusions stand out for their exceptional strength and wear resistance. This superior performance is a direct result of the high-pressure manufacturing process. By forcing the molten aluminum through a mold under intense pressure, we create a remarkably homogenous structure. This eliminates any internal voids, cracks, or weaknesses, resulting in extrusions that are incredibly strong and highly wear-resistant.
  • 5.What kind of shapes can be achieved with aluminum extrusion?
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    Aluminum extrusions aren't limited by conventional shapes. We can transform your vision into reality with a vast selection, including:
    Basic Shapes: Rods, bars, and tubes in various sizes for foundational components.
    Structural Shapes: Angles, I-beams, H-beams, and channels to provide strength and support.
    Specialty Shapes: J-channels, U-channels, hat channels, C-channels, and Z-channels for intricate designs and specific functionalities.
    Custom Profiles: We can even create unique profiles tailored to your exact specifications.
    This incredible versatility allows you to bring even the most complex design ideas to life with exceptional precision.

  • 6.Can aluminum extrusions be recycled?
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    Aluminum extrusions are kind to the environment – they’re 100% recyclable and reduce overall manufacturing costs when reused.
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