High-Quality, Fast Turnaround CNC Turning Services
HAOFENG offers reliable and efficient CNC turning services for prototyping and production runs. We specialize in creating custom metal and plastic parts with high precision and tight tolerances.​​​​​​​
Our CNC Turning Services ​​​​​​​
Get efficient CNC turning services offering fast lead times and competitive pricing, whether for rapid prototyping or production runs. Secure high-quality CNC turned parts with the features you require.

Sturdy CNC Turning Solutions
Utilize our on-demand CNC turning service to acquire dependable metal and plastic turned parts for your distinct projects. Leveraging advanced technologies and skilled technicians, HaoFeng manufactures top-notch custom prototypes and end-use production parts. Our CNC turning capabilities ensure precise turned parts, irrespective of complexity. From flats to radial and axial holes, slots, and grooves, expect durable components with lead times as fast as one day.
CNC Lathe Machines
Our precision CNC turning lathes deliver cost-effective solutions for both simple and intricate cylindrical geometries. Employing Live tooling, we craft precise and intricate features such as axial and radial holes, grooves, slots, and flats. The full automation of these versatile machines enables us to efficiently and cost-effectively produce hundreds of parts with similar dimensions, ensuring faster turnaround times.

Reasons to Select Us for CNC Turning Services
  • 1
    Quick Quote
    Skip the email, obtain instant CNC quotes by uploading your design files. Our digital platform analyzes your part geometry, offering real-time competitive pricing and detailed DFM feedback.

  • 2
    Top-Quality Turned Components
    We enforce a quality management system to ensure consistent product quality. Full inspections guarantee precision machined parts free from defects​​​​​​​

  • 3
    Quick Turnaround Time
    Our digital CNC machining services platform streamlines the ordering process for faster turnaround. Additionally, our domestic workshops and advanced machinery expedite the production of your prototypes or parts.

  • 4
    Round-the-Clock Engineering Assistance
    Regardless of your location, our 24/7 engineering support is available year-round. Our experienced engineers can offer the most suitable solutions for your part design, material selection, surface finishing options, and even lead times.

Execute at your fingertips within a day
As a technology-oriented CNC turning firm, we've created an AI-driven quoting platform that streamlines your ordering and production procedures.
  • Volume Pricing
    Receive bulk die casting quotes, enabling you to compare prices across various specifications, quantities, raw materials, and surface finishes, aiding you in selecting the solution that aligns best with your requirements and budget.
  • Tracking Orders in Real Time
    Our online platform provides instant visibility into the die casting manufacturing process, facilitating more efficient monitoring of operations and swift responses to adverse changes.
  • Comprehensive Order Management​
    Easily review, search, and oversee all your die casting orders from a single platform. What's more, gain visibility into every stage of the production process and every facet of the manufacturing operation.
From CNC Prototyping to Manufacturing
CNC machining, an automated and adaptable manufacturing technique, is perfect for swift prototyping and just-in-time production. Explore HaoFeng's array of tailored CNC services.
  • Swift Prototyping
    Thanks to our instant quotation platform and robust capabilities, you can receive anticipated prototypes within tight deadlines. This enables rapid testing of prototype parts and expedited market entry.

  • Bridge Fabrication
    Transitioning to production is crucial for bridging the divide between part design and the final product launch. Rest assured, our expert engineering team stands prepared to offer practical design recommendations for your low-volume machined components.

  • Just-In-Time Production
    Our comprehensive on-demand production service guarantees the delivery of high-precision, high-quality products. Improved production efficiency also enables just-in-time delivery of production parts.
Materials Utilized in CNC Turning Components
Our CNC turning capabilities accommodate a diverse array of materials, encompassing machine-grade metals and plastics. Tailored to your specific needs, we excel in crafting precise rapid prototypes and low-volume production using premium-quality materials. Explore the assortment of common materials suitable for your CNC turning endeavors.
  • Aluminum
    Aluminum boasts high ductility, rendering it easily machinable. With a favorable strength-to-weight ratio, this material offers versatility, available in numerous variations suitable for diverse applications.
  • Copper
    Copper demonstrates outstanding thermal and electrical conductivity alongside impressive plasticity. Additionally, it exhibits high ductility, corrosion resistance, and weldability
  • Brass
    Brass possesses advantageous properties ideal for various applications. It boasts low friction, exceptional electrical conductivity, and showcases a distinctive golden appearance.
  • Stainless Steel
    Stainless steel, characterized by its low carbon content, embodies numerous sought-after properties for industrial usage. Typically comprising at least 10% chromium by weight, it offers exceptional corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Titanium
    Titanium possesses a multitude of material characteristics that render it the optimal metal for rigorous applications. These attributes encompass superb resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and extreme temperatures, coupled with an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio
  • Plastics
    Plastics are highly favored for CNC machining due to their extensive variety, cost-effectiveness, and notably quicker machining durations. We offer a comprehensive selection of commonly used plastics for CNC machining services.
Surface Finishing Options for CNC Machining
HaoFeng offers a diverse range of surface finishes to enhance the quality of your products. These finishes, applied to your CNC turned parts, target enhancements in appearance, surface hardness, roughness, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, and more. Additionally, they effectively conceal any visible tool marks resulting from areas cut with live tooling. Explore our top surface finish options below.
Case Study on CNC Milling
HaoFeng’s cutting-edge 5-axis CNC milling crafted the Iron Man Suit exoskeleton, amplifying human strength. Overcoming hurdles like oblique hole grooves, their precision delivered four flawless aluminum lats and deltoid components, showcasing mastery of elite industrial equipment.
Collection of CNC Turning Components
Explore our comprehensive showcase featuring precision-turned prototypes and parts crafted by our esteemed customers.
Our CNC Turning Services for Diverse Industrial Needs
HaoFeng's economical and dependable CNC-turned parts play a vital role as essential components in medical, consumer goods, automotive, and other industries.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. Which components are producible through CNC turning?
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    The CNC turning method is primarily suited for cylindrical raw materials, though some manufacturers also apply it to hexagonal and square shapes. It's commonly utilized in crafting machine parts for microfluidic tools, signage components, surgical instruments, automotive frames, and aerospace parts.
  • 2. What is the largest diameter your turned parts can accommodate?
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    We can turn parts ranging from 0.5mm to 65mm in diameter using stock bars. Our turning capabilities extend up to 3000mm for billets.
  • 3. Can you manufacture turned parts from plastic materials?
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    Certainly, our CNC turning services encompass the production of plastic parts. We can create prototypes and production parts in small or large batches using a variety of engineering-grade plastics. Select from our wide array of plastic materials and simply upload your design file to receive custom plastic components.
  • 4. What sets CNC milling apart from CNC lathe machining?
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    The primary distinction between CNC milling and CNC lathe lies in their machining techniques. CNC milling entails rotating the cutting tools against a stationary bar stock or workpiece, whereas CNC lathe operates by rotating the bar stock or workpiece against a stationary tool. CNC milling is preferable for machining irregular and flat surfaces, while CNC lathes excel with cylindrical or conical parts.
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