High-Quality, Fast Turnaround  Assembly Services
HAOFENG offers reliable and efficient assembly services ​​​​​​
Tailored Assembly Solutions
Bringing together your manufactured parts! Our tailored assembly services guarantee quality, streamline timelines, and adhere to specific project requirements.

What makes HaoFeng's Assembly Service stand out?
With unparalleled precision and customized assembly solutions, we effortlessly shepherd every project from inception to fruition, consistently upholding the utmost quality standards.
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    Accurate Assembly
    Our cutting-edge capabilities and rigorous quality assessments ensure precise assembly. Each component is meticulously aligned, enhancing product performance and durability.
  • 2
    Tailored Solutions
    Our engineering team evaluates your specific needs. Through customized assembly choices and adaptable processes, we align with each project's individual requirements.

  • 3
    Skilled Technicians
    Leverage HaoFeng's proficient technicians, blending thorough training, extensive expertise, and cutting-edge techniques for unmatched assembly excellence.
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    Quick Turnaround
    Through streamlined workflows and specialized assembly areas, we guarantee swift turnarounds, ensuring timely delivery of your products without sacrificing quality.
Assembly Techniques for Metal and Plastic Parts
Molding Assembly
We employ molding techniques to combine parts, either by applying an outer layer (overmolding) or embedding components (insert molding) to achieve durable integration
Mechanical Integration
Physical methods such as riveting, welding, and screwing securely join parts, ensuring strong and lasting connections.
Bonding with Adhesives
We utilize robust adhesives to affix components, yielding a seamless and sturdy connection devoid of apparent fasteners or blemishes.
Hands-on Assembly
Expert hands assemble precisely. Perfect for personal touches or detailed projects.
We cater to a variety of assembly requirements

We handle diverse part assembly needs, including steel structures, metal components, and specialized equipment. With our expertise, we ensure precision and meticulous attention to detail, bringing your project to fruition.
> Assembly of structural steel
>Assembly of metal parts
>Assembly of plastic products
>Assembly of specialized equipment
>Assembly of electrical components
>Tools and equipment for implantation

A mount for solar panels
A top renewable energy provider engaged HaoFeng for a specialized project: designing a long fixture with roller holders and bolts to securely fasten solar panels. Our engineers meticulously crafted the fixture, meeting the client's exact specifications.

To address the fixture's unique size and transport needs, HaoFeng also customized the packaging. This not only ensured quality but also safe delivery, showcasing our commitment to tailored solutions.
We cater to various industries

Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1.What kinds of customized components can you assemble ?
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    At HaoFeng, we specialize in a wide variety of custom parts, including metal and plastic components, electrical assemblies, and proprietary equipment. With our advanced techniques and specialized machinery, we can manage various assembly projects customized to specific industry requirements.
  • 2.How long does your assembly service take?
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    Our standard completion time depends on the complexity and quantity of the order. Typically, most projects are finished within 10-15 business days. Please reach out to us with your project specifics for a more precise estimate.
  • 3.Do you provide expedited services for urgent assembly requirements
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    Certainly, we recognize that certain projects need expedited completion. HaoFeng provides rush services for clients with urgent assembly requirements. Please communicate your timeline with our team, and we'll make every effort to accommodate it.
  • 4.Are there any restrictions on the size or weight of the custom parts for assembly?
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    Although we can manage a wide range of sizes and weights, we have set limits to maintain the highest standards of quality and safety. It's advisable to discuss your project's details with our team to assess feasibility accurately.
  • 5.How do you guarantee the quality of the assembled components
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    We incorporate thorough quality checks throughout our assembly process. Starting from design review to final inspection, we utilize advanced testing techniques and meticulous supervision to ensure the integrity and functionality of the assembled components.
  • 6.What if I'm dissatisfied with the final assembled product?
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    Ensuring customer satisfaction is our primary focus. If you have any concerns or encounter issues with the final product, please contact us promptly. We are dedicated to resolving any discrepancies and working together to find a solution.
  • 7.Is there a minimum or maximum quantity requirement for the assembly service?
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    HaoFeng aims to cater to projects of all sizes. Although we don't have a set minimum order quantity, there may be volume considerations for maximum orders based on the project's details. Whether it's a large-scale or smaller assembly requirement, it's recommended to consult with our team for clear guidance.
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