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Even the most intricate designs become reality with Haofeng state-of-the-art Insert Molding services.
Services for Insert Molding
Receive custom insert molding services for premium prototypes and parts as needed. Obtain online quotes at competitive rates and with quick turnaround times.

Applications of Insert Molding
Plastic insert molding finds application in prototyping as well as manufacturing full products across various industries. Key industrial applications of insert molding include:
Consumer Products
Custom plastic insert molding is ideal for manufacturing consumer goods because of its functional and aesthetic advantages.
Medical Equipment
Prior to opting for insert molding for the production of devices and products like medical implants, ensure that the plastic used is biocompatible.

Aerospace and Automotive
Suitable for manufacturing handheld devices such as screwdrivers, scissors, dials, and knobs.

Communication Devices
Relevant in the aerospace and automotive sectors because of the strength and durability of molded components.

Why Opt for HaoFeng
HaoFeng strives to offer tailored insert molding solutions to clients from design through production. Leveraging our expertise and facilities, we deliver high-quality parts at competitive prices and with short lead times.
  • 1
    No Minimum Order Quantity
    Eliminating the minimum order requirement facilitates the swift transition of plastic molded parts from design to production, meeting your on-demand molding manufacturing needs while reducing injection molding costs.

  • 2
    Enhanced Efficiency
    Utilizing certified domestic factories and a robust supply chain system, we expedite the product development cycle and streamline the production of your injection molded parts with maximum speed.

  • 3
    Consistency and Superior Quality
    Our certified factories, coupled with in-process inspections and dimensional verification post-production, ensure that custom molded parts maintain consistent quality, regardless of their complexity, with high precision.

  • 4
    Injection Molding Experts
    Collaborate with our seasoned professionals, each boasting over a decade of experience in the injection molding industry, to efficiently navigate from prototyping to production.

Get a Quote Within 24 Hours, Control at Your Fingertips
HaoFeng offers an AI-driven, user-friendly online quoting platform to streamline your ordering and manufacturing. Say goodbye to email delays; receive instant quotes with DFM analysis, optimize orders promptly, compare multiple quotes simultaneously, and manage all your orders in one convenient location.
  • Volume Pricing
    Receive bulk insert molding quotes, enabling you to compare prices across various specifications, quantities, raw materials, and surface finishes, aiding you in selecting the solution that aligns best with your requirements and budget.
  • Tracking Orders in Real Time
    Our online platform provides instant visibility into the insert molding manufacturing process, facilitating more efficient monitoring of operations and swift responses to adverse changes.
  • Comprehensive Order Management​
    Easily review, search, and oversee all your insert molding orders from a single platform. What's more, gain visibility into every stage of the production process and every facet of the manufacturing operation.
From prototyping to production, we offer insert molding services.
  • Fast Tooling
    Receive prompt design feedback and validation with high-quality prototype tooling. Produce small batches of plastic molded parts with exceptional injection molding prototypes. We specialize in manufacturing prototype molds within days, enabling you to conduct functional tests and validate market interest quickly.

  • Manufacturing Tooling
    We craft top-notch production molds tailored for high-volume plastic part manufacturing. Utilizing robust, long-lasting tool steel material, our manufacturing tooling is capable of producing hundreds of thousands of parts. We can adjust materials and construction methods to fit your specific needs.

  • On-Demand Production
    insert molding  parts offer great choices for customized and initial production runs. They allow for cost-effective testing of product quality before commencing full-scale production.
Insert Molding Materials
We offer an extensive selection of materials for thermoplastics and inserts, enabling the creation of insert molded parts for various industrial applications. Below are the materials utilized in custom plastic insert molding, along with typical examples.
  • Tooling Materials
    Before commencing the insert molding process for either low or high-volume production, a high-tolerance CNC machined tool is required. The most frequently utilized materials include:
    ToolSteel: P20, H13, S7, NAK80, S136, S136H, 718, 718H,  738
    Stainless Steel:
    420, NAK80, S136, 316L, 316, 301, 303, 304
    Aluminum: 6061, 5052, 7075

  • Plastic Materials
    The plastic injection molding service offers a variety of materials with diverse properties such as impact strength, rigidity, thermal resistance, chemical resistance, and more.
    ABS Nylon (PA) PC PVC

  • Additives & fibers
    Off-the-shelf plastic materials might not meet the specific requirements for custom injection molding parts. In such instances, additives and fibers can be incorporated to enhance both aesthetic and functional properties, offering extra features for your injection molded parts.
    UV absorbers       Colorants
    retardants            Glass
    Plasticizers          fibers

  • Inserts
    Inserts are introduced onto mold cores through either manual or automated processes. This leads to the plastic pellets undergoing plasticization once the mold halves are closed. The pieces are ejected from the
     mold after the plastic has hardened, followed by the encapsulation of the inserts within the parts.
Surface Finishing for Insert Molding
The completion of insert molding solutions extends beyond the cooling and ejection of parts. We offer various surface finishing and post-processing options for insert molded parts, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. Common surface finishing options available at HaoFeng for insert molded parts include:
Our insert molding services cater to a variety of industries
HaoFeng collaborates with top manufacturers across diverse industries to meet increasing demands and optimize their supply chains. The digital transformation of our custom injection molding services is enabling more manufacturers to bring their ideas to fruition.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. What is the process for making an injection mold?
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    Our mold-making process includes six steps:
    Step 1: Production Arrangement: Determine all requirements and organize the production schedule.
    Step 2: DFM Report Analysis: Provide a free, detailed DFM report for further feasibility analysis.
    Step 3: Mold Production: Start the mold production and offer a Tooling Schedule form so clients can monitor the process at any time.
    Step 4: Free Sample Testing: Produce a free sample for testing to ensure the mold meets the required standards.
    Step 5: Mass Production: Once the client confirms the samples are qualified, proceed with full-scale production.
    Step 6: Mold Storage: After completing production and quality inspection, the mold is cleaned and properly stored for future use.

  • 2. What are the typical tolerances for injection molded parts?
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    Tolerance is crucial, as incorrect specification and control can lead to assembly failure. HaoFeng adheres to the ISO 2068-c standard for injection molding tolerances unless a tighter tolerance is required
  • 3. What is the minimum order quantity?
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    There is no minimum order quantity, but pricing becomes more competitive with larger quantities.
  • 4. How long does it take to produce molded parts?
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    After you place an order, it takes about 35 days for mold designing and making, plus an additional 3-5 days for the production of molded parts.
  • 5. What is the cost of your injection molding service?
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    Generally, we generate the quote after our platform has considered several factors, including component size, mold complexity, number of injection cavities, materials, and post-processing requirements.
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