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New Sliding door locks for you

Our company has launched a brand new line of sliding door lock products featuring both single and double hook designs.
New products!!!
Currently, we offer one handle shape design, but customization options are available for handle shapes and materials to meet various aesthetic, practical, and cost requirements of different customers. Our commitment is to provide high-quality products that cater comprehensively to customer needs. This product is not yet available in the market and can be offered on a turnkey basis or purchased in bulk according to customer preferences.
About Haofeng

  • Haofeng Mould was established in 1998, and over the past 26 years, we have accumulated extensive development experience. Our company specializes in product development, prototype manufacturing, mold design and manufacturing, plastic injection molding, and die-casting production. Additionally, we are involved in mass production assembly. With a complete new product development chain, Haofeng Mold offers a robust platform for the development and production of our proprietary products.
    In our early years, our focus was primarily on plastic mold design and manufacturing. As our business grew, we established the die-casting division in 2000, introducing corresponding equipment to handle various die-casting component machining and product processing services. Leveraging our expertise in mold design and years of experience in die-casting production, we established the Smart Lock Division in 2007. This division provides comprehensive services ranging from conceptual design, sample production, mold manufacturing, small-scale trial production to large-scale assembly. Over the years, Haofeng Mold has designed and manufactured tens of thousands of products and components for domestic and international door and window customers.
    In 2019, leveraging our industrial chain advantages, we developed new door lock and chain system products under our proprietary brand, Mastars. Since then, we have focused on selling our own branded door locks and plastic chains. This strategic move represents a new development in our company's product sales strategy.​​​​​​​
Latest News
patent of invention.png
Haofeng Introduces Innovative Sliding Door Lock Product, Special Offers Await Intending Customers!

MASTARS is proud to announce the launch of a brand new sliding door lock product.

2022 Patent for the new Sliding Door Locks

We make a lot of new design locks for the client. And we have new 2 style design for 1 point sliding door lock and 2 point sliding door lock finished this year.

2019 We setup a new brand Mastars®

​Developed Mastars® Cable Carries product series by taking advantage of Mastar’ resources. Refer to igus for product quality standard.

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