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Sheet Metal Fabrication Services
Receive a complimentary quote for personalized sheet metal prototypes and low-volume production parts. Precision assured with a 3-day turnaround.

How HaoFeng's Online Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Works
We link you up with local sheet metal suppliers, guiding you from initial prototypes to completed assemblies. Once specifications are confirmed, our proficient fabricators translate your CAD designs into accurate machine code. With precision, they manipulate the metal sheets, stretching, cutting, and bending them to achieve the desired shape, thickness, and intended function. Adhering to rigorous quality standards at every step, we ensure that welding, riveting, and fastening are seamlessly integrated to deliver a final product that meets your specific needs.
Opt for HaoFeng's online sheet metal fabrication services to create custom sheet metal parts, from intricate, low-volume prototypes to extensive, high-volume runs. We offer a wide range of materials and fabrication processes. Our domestic sheet metal fabricators and experienced engineers guarantee precise manufacturing according to your specifications and quality standards.

Why opt for HaoFeng's online sheet metal fabrication service?
  • 1
    Quick Online Quote
    Access rapid and transparent pricing through our online quotation system, simplifying your decision-making process and speeding up project commencement for your sheet metal requirements.

  • 2
    Guaranteed High Quality
    We guarantee flawless parts through ISO-certified quality assurance, detailed reports, and thorough inspections to ensure precise dimensions and functionality, addressing essential reliability issues.

  • 3
    Quick Turnaround
    Our commitment: lead times as short as 3 days, utilizing limitless capacity and adaptable shipping choices. Speed up your sheet metal projects, ensuring punctual delivery and staying ahead in competitiveness.

  • 4
    Sheet Metal Engineering Assistance 
    Tackle tough design hurdles with our skilled engineers at HaoFeng. Our know-how delivers accurate, creative solutions, lightening your load and boosting product excellence.

What You Can Obtain from Online Sheet Metal Services
Explore our user-friendly online quoting system. Access custom sheet metal services online from anywhere, submit designs, and place orders 24/7 without visiting a physical manufacturing facility.
  • Volume Pricing
    Receive bulk Sheet Metal Fabrication quotes, enabling you to compare prices across various specifications, quantities, raw materials, and surface finishes, aiding you in selecting the solution that aligns best with your requirements and budget.
  • Tracking Orders in Real Time
    Our online platform provides instant visibility into the Receive bulk Sheet Metal Fabrication quotes, enabling you to compare prices across various specifications, quantities, raw materials, and surface finishes, aiding you in selecting the solution that aligns best with your requirements and budget. manufacturing process, facilitating more efficient monitoring of operations and swift responses to adverse changes.
  • Comprehensive Order Management​
    Easily review, search, and oversee all your Receive bulk Sheet Metal Fabrication quotes, enabling you to compare prices across various specifications, quantities, raw materials, and surface finishes, aiding you in selecting the solution that aligns best with your requirements and budget. orders from a single platform. What's more, gain visibility into every stage of the production process and every facet of the manufacturing operation.
Tailored Solutions for Sheet Metal Fabrication
HaoFeng offers accurate sheet metal prototyping and production suitable for single pieces, small batches, and large volumes.
  • Quick Prototyping
    Speed up the journey from idea to market with our rapid prototyping. Cut weeks from your development timeline and overcome design challenges, guaranteeing a quicker product launch through swift metal fabrication.

  • Small Batch Manufacturing
    Take advantage of cost savings through our ability to produce low volumes. Meet the needs for high-mix, low-volume manufacturing while upholding the quality of precision-engineered metal components.

  • Production On Demand
    Respond rapidly to shifting market demands through our on-demand sheet metal production. React promptly to bespoke orders, guaranteeing smooth scalability and timely delivery.

Materials for Sheet Metal Fabrication
We offer a variety of sheet metal materials such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and copper, all of which enhance the durability and aesthetics of your metal components
  • Aluminum
    Aluminum combines lightweight properties with robustness, providing durability without added weight. Its exceptional malleability enables precise shaping, making it ideal for intricate designs.
  • Copper
    Copper boasts clear advantages: unmatched electrical conductivity, thermal efficiency, and innate resistance to corrosion, guaranteeing durability and performance in fabrications
    CU1020  CU1100  CU2100  CU2200  
    CU2300  CU2400  CU2600
  • Brass
    Choose brass for precise machining, distinctive appearance, and efficient heat conductivity, offering benefits for both practical and decorative uses.

  • Steel
    Steel is an outstanding material choice due to its durability, versatility, and recyclability, guaranteeing enduring performance and environmental friendliness.
    Cold Rolled Steel Plate (SPCC)
     Hot Rolled Steel Plate (SPHC)
     Electrolytic Plate (SECC)
     Galvanized Plate (SGCC
  • Stainless Steel
    Celebrated for its durability and stain resistance, stainless steel promises longevity and retains its appearance, even in challenging environments.

Surface Finishing for Sheet Metal Fabrication
Choose from a range of sheet metal finishes to improve resistance to corrosion, increase durability, and enhance visual appeal. If the finish you desire isn't listed on our quote page, just select 'Other' and detail your needs for a personalized solution.
An Overview of Sheet Metal Fabrication
What is Sheet Metal Fabrication?
Sheet metal fabrication, crucial in manufacturing, shapes thin metal sheets into components. Praised for accuracy and strength, it crafts vital items like enclosures, brackets, and chassis. Used across industries, it guarantees top-notch, dependable products. Highlighting its importance in advanced engineering, HaoFeng excels in turning metal into essential, high-quality parts.

What Are the Benefits of Sheet Metal Fabrication?
Sheet metal fabrication suits both prototype and large-scale production of metal parts. – Advanced tech enables precise cutting and forming, ensuring steady quality. – Metal parts are strong and durable, ideal for tough conditions. – Smart material use and scalable production make it cost-effective. – Different finishing methods, like powder coating, offer aesthetic options and extra protection.

What Can You Use Sheet Metal For?
Sheet metal is versatile, fitting various needs, from high-volume to custom, low-volume demands. Some typical uses include:
– Boxes for electronics
– Parts for computers
– Strong frames
– Support brackets
– Tough cabinets

What tolerances do fabricated parts adhere to?
Sheet metal fabrication tolerances are the allowable variations in the features of sheet metal parts needed for precise and uniform fitting and incorporation.
Typically, ISO 2768-mk is employed for sheet metal parts to maintain accurate control over geometry and size. The following outlines 7 tolerance standards covering linear and angular dimensions, flatness & straightness, cylindricity, and circularity
Our Sheet Metal Fabrication services cater to a variety of applications
With customized sheet metal solutions, HaoFeng meets the diverse needs of various industries.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. What does HaoFeng offer for sheet metal fabrication services?
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    HaoFeng provides a wide array of services, such as cutting, bending, punching, welding, and assembling. With our cutting-edge machinery, we guarantee precision and top-notch finishes for every project.
  • 2. What does "K factor" mean in sheet metal?
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    In sheet metal processing, the K factor represents the ratio of the neutral axis to the material thickness. This figure varies based on the different physical properties and thicknesses of materials utilized.
  • 3. How expensive is sheet metal fabrication?
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    Every step of a sheet metal fabrication project incurs a cost — from design and prototyping to finishing processes and beyond. In addition to the fabrication process, materials also contribute to expenses. For tips on minimizing custom sheet metal fabrication costs, refer to this article.
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